Tile & Grout Cleaning

It can be very difficult cleaning tile and grout by hand. It gets messy and uncomfortable very quickly – and very unlikely to achieve the same outcome that a deep-clean by a professional grout and tile cleaning company can provide. This is due to the fact that grout is a very porous material, which means it collects and traps dirt and grime, which will over time cause discoloring. Even habitual cleaning and mopping do not reach the dirt that becomes imbedded in the grout lines. Professional grout cleaning by The Grout Guys will restore the like-new appearance to your tile flooring.

Here are a few reasons why you should hire The Grout Guys for tile cleaning

  • Grout consists of small pores that act similar to a sponge, absorbing dirt, mildew and grime that are virtually impossible to flush out entirely with a mop or most household cleaning products.
  • The Grout Guys cleaning services are safe on all tile and grout.
  • By utilizing our equipment and pro-grade cleaning solutions
  • By utilizing our equipment, heat, and pro-grade cleaning solutions, it allows us to clean tile and grout by removing dirt quickly along with other grime and contaminates that traditional household cleaning products could never do.
  • Upon cleaning both your tile and grout, our professional tile cleaning technicians apply a sealant to prevent dirt and mildew buildup for years.
  • Does your tile have colored grout? The Grout Guys can restore the grout back to its original color, or even change the color of your grout during the cleaning process.