Location:  Gurnee, IL

Gurnee Tile Floor Grout Cleaning and Repair Contractor

Service Type: Tile Floor Grout Repair

This homeowner in Gurnee, IL was needed to have the grout in their tile flooring cleaned and repaired.  They were happy to learn that the Grout Guys were nearby, as they are locally based in Antioch, IL.

After an onsite visit by our staff this client decided to move forward with having their grout replaced rather than replacing the entire tile floor. After all, the tile floor itself was in great condition.

See the “before and after” images provided in the photo provided in this article to observe the difference that professional grout cleaning and restoration can make.

If you need a professional tile grout cleaning, removal and replacement in Gurnee, IL, then contact the Grout Guys for a free estimate today!