The Grout Guys is a local tile and grout contractor that specializes in grout coloring and color sealing services that will help your tile backsplashes, walls and floors appear clean and new.


Local Grout Coloring and Color Sealing Contractor Showers, Bathrooms, Backsplashes KitchensWhether we are helping you clean years of grimy grease from your kitchen backsplash, or if we are helping you implement a “grout color change” in your old moldy shower. Our grout coloring and color sealing services will sharpen up your grout lines and give that old tile surface a new look all together.


Removing, replacing and coloring your tiles grout is not smart to attempt as a “do-it-yourself (DYI) project”. The Grout Guys have the right tools for the job. It is worthy to note that we have helped clients, rescue their grout and tile surfaces from experienced handymen, and/or their own attempts to replace and re-color their tile grout using amateur solutions. Do not waste your time with food coloring or DYI solutions. We use professional grade materials and have the knowledge and experience that is required to professionally re-grout and color your tile backsplash, tile wall or tile floor the right way.


If you are seeking a local tile grout coloring and color sealing contractor, then please look no further. We are local and ready to meet to discuss your next tile grout coloring and sealing project. Contact us today for a free estimate.